The Plaza de Toros “Malagueta” was officially opened to the public on 11 June 1876 with a fight that featured the legendary bullfighter Rafael Molina “Lagartijo” as well as others.

Designed by Joaquín Rucoba, who also designed the Mercado Central de Atarazanas, it is in the neo- Mudéjar style. The bullring is a hexadecagon in shape as can be seen from the Mirador de Gibralfaro that offers beautiful views of the bullring. The ring is 52 metres in diameter and has 4 corrals, 10 pens, stables, a medical station and other facilities. It now houses the Museo Taurino (Bullfighting Museum).

Although it is already banned in several parts of Spain, fighting is still organized in Andalusia.

In August it hosts its major annual event, the Feria Taurina (Bullfighting Fair), which offers a broad programme of fights with bullfighters. The Picassian bullfight held at Easter is also big; the bullfighters wear costumes inspired by the style, vision and forms of the painter from Málaga during this fair.


* We do not promote or stimulate bullfighting. The building is freely accessible, without any commercial interests. Up from the ‘Mirador de Gibralfaro’ you can have a great view on the arena as well.


Opening hours:
From mornings around 10.00 – 00:00 (time table is not very strict)

You can walk in to take a look at the arena for free

Paseo de Reding 8, Málaga




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