Rincón de la Victoria owns a unique place in Europe, Cueva del Tesoro. It is one of the only three marine caves known in the world. The other two are in Asia and Central America. For all the locals, visitors and tourists of Malaga it is a must see!

The history, archeology and legend are united in Cueva del Tesoro, also known as Cueva del Higuerón.

In its galleries were found remains of the Palaeolithic and the Bronze Age, as well as samples of Cave Art (Arte Rupestre).

In a comfortable walk through its cavities, you can enjoy the curious forms that water has shaped over millennia. Perhaps, with a bit of luck, you will find the famous treasure that, it is said, still remains in the cave.

Source: turismoenrincon.es


Opening hours:
Winter (September 16th / June 14th)
10:00am – 13:00 pm (closed at 14:00pm)
15:00pm – 17:00pm (closed at 18:00pm)

Summer (June 15th – September 15th)
10:30am – 13:00pm (closed at 14:00pm)
16:30pm – 19:00pm (closed at 20:00pm)


Adults €4,65


Website: https://www.turismoenrincon.es/en/cueva-del-tesoro/




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