The province of Almería in Andalusia, southern Spain, is the driest region of Europe and home to the only desert climate on the continent ‘The Tabernas Desert’ (in Spanish: Desierto de Tabernas).

The Tabernas desert’s similarity to the American Wild West meant it was chosen by legendary film director Sergio Leone as the shooting location for his trilogy of Westerns, including The Good, The Bad and the Ugly and For a Fistful of Dollars, films which gave the then little-known actor Clint Eastwood his big break.

After Sergio Leone finished filming his Westerns, the sets were transformed into theme parks, allowing visitors to walk the same Wild West streets as Eastwood himself. The main parks you can visit today include Mini Hollywood, Texas Hollywood and Western Leone.

The former gold mining town of Rodalquilar became practically a ghost town until a new wave of refurbishment in recent years brought a host of bars, restaurants and B&Bs to the town. You can visit the old gold mines, as well as the interesting Casa de Volcanes, a museum about the mines and the geology of the wider Cabo de Gata.





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