Duration : 4 hours (Up and Down)
Difficulty : high
Route : 6 Km
How to do it : On foot

This path located in the Sierra Tejeda, allows us, with a route of high difficulty due to the narrow path and the voladeras, to visualize much of the region, La Maroma and the spectacular ravine of the Almanchares river, as well as to observe the farmland that they border the Natural Park.

We recommend, as a starting point for this route, the town center and we ascend the steep streets of the town until we reach the water canal that will guide us all the way. We continue between banks, with stone walls that support small orchards, fruit trees and olive trees.

We can see that this path runs, in an easterly direction, parallel to the road, and allows us a panoramic view, difficult to match. We see the lands of the Axarquia, some coastal towns, the sea in the background and La Maroma.

One of the differences of this route, with respect to others, is that we find water, practically, throughout the entire route. On the side of the road we can find pinaster and black pine as well as mountain scrub, esparto, jaguars, thyme, matagallos, gorse, altabacas and some other shrubs and bushes.

The second ravine that we find is called the ravine from / to arena, where the very fine sand was collected, which was used for cleaning copper tools. Approximately half an hour away, we reach El Albercon, which is a large pool, where much of the water that irrigates the fields of the population is collected. We take the path on the left, which is difficult and fast ascent.

Again the path becomes smoother and from here on we will no longer find large differential in altitude. We are in the area of ​​Cerro de Juan Zamora, we cross the La Mina ravine and we reach the remains of the country house and the fountain.

We continue without leaving the water canal and we arrive at a recently built shed for decalcification. At this moment we are at the viewpoint above the La Rahije recreational area.

The rocks are steep, gray or white, generated by sandy debris erosion. The brown materials are from the group of slates. If we don’t make too much noise, on this tour we often come across mountain goats. We can also contemplate the flight of great eagles, vultures and mountain birds such as the black wheatear, the mountain bunting and the alpine accentor. Wild boar is also abundant, of which we will find easily identifiable marks and tracks.

Continuing the journey, the path looks up to the ravine of the river Almanchares or the Saltillo. We are in the laundry girl, I finish with the one that is called in the area).

Here the views are spectacular due to the depth of the gorge and the amazing vertical walls, above us the area known as Los Chímeneones and the peak of La Maroma. The path is limited to the width of the canal, the cut of the wall takes us to slopes of more than 50m. It is protected with a fragile railing. When arriving at this place it is necessary to be extremely careful. It is not suitable for people with vertigo.

We will have to pass the large wash, of similar characteristics and we continue the path approaches the riverbed, given the freshness that remains, even in summer, we can find a unique vegetation for the mountains, such as oleanders, ferns and reeds.

The flow will depend on the amount of rain that falls throughout the year and the amount of snow, so the low water temperature is guaranteed all year round. Here we have some pools, a few meters deep and light green waters. From this point we can start the return by the same path, being able to reach the town by one of the three proposed paths.

Also from here you can start the descent of the ravine, being essential to obtain permission from the Ministry of the Environment and the appropriate equipment.If we want to continue the ascent of the river until its source in the source of the ivy, we will do it by a small path, next to the river and sometimes confused with it. This section is dangerous for people with little training in the practice of canyoning.

Source: canillasdeaceituno.es




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